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Have You Voted? ARTA Primary Members Must Vote by Nov. 14 on Board of Directors

ARTA's Election Committee faced a difficult challenge selecting nominees from a large group of excellent candidates. Based on eligibility criteria, the committee has selected six nominees for this year's ballot, as follows:
ARTA 2018-2019 Board of Director Nominees 
Category 1/Operator Nominees

  • Dave Balliet, HCSC
  • Ian Bigelow, Crothall
  • Meredith Bowery, Virginia Hospital Laundry
Category 2/Supplier Nominees
  • Ty Action, Tingue Brown Company
  • Duane Houvener, American Dawn
  • Dan Sanchez, Medline Industries 
Download nominee bios!
In selecting nominees, ARTA strives to maintain a balance of suppliers and operators (institutional and commercial), and weighs factors including industry experience and previous involvement in ARTA.
ARTA membership is held by the company; each company then designates a primary member. Only primary members vote in ARTA elections (so let your primary member know who you think should sit on the ARTA board!). If you are the primary member for you company and have not received a ballot via mail, please contact Nancy Jenkins at
Election ballots along with bios of each nominee (and a return postage-paid envelope) have been mailed to primary members. Primary members can mail or scan and email ballots. Election results will be announced after ARTA's Fall board meeting in November.

ARTA Videos Available for Download

ARTA produced two videos several years ago that outline the benefits of reusable textiles for acute care and long-term care facilities. While not new, they deliver messages and information still pertinent to today's marketplace.

Download now:

ARTA's Mission

To create greater appreciation and awareness of reusable textiles.
Founded in 1982 by Nathan Belkin, PhD