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The University of Maryland Medical Center: Reusable Textiles in the OR 667 KB 0 downloads

By Practice Greenhealth Greening the A case study on the University of Maryland...

The Business Case for Greening the OR 2 MB 0 downloads

Greening the Operating Room Series, April 2011 By Practice Greenhealth Why focus...

Kaiser Permanente-Generation II Hospital Sustainability Scorecard 254 KB 0 downloads

By Kaiser Permanente, April 2011 Kaiser Permanente has issued a Generation II Sustainability...

Would You Hug Your Child Wearing Soiled Scrubs? 1 MB 0 downloads

Outpatient Surgery, April 2009 By James Ballard, MBA Home laundering vs. professional...

ARTA Responds to Healthcare Purchasing News Article 102 KB 2 downloads

Healthcare Purchasing News, April 2009 By ARTA Legislative Director Howard Zins Howard...

Change and Opportunity: Medicare Reform and the Advantages of Reusables 1 MB 2 downloads

Textile Rental Magazine, March 2005 By Howard Zins Reusable textiles can help congress...

Barrier Materials New Standard - What It Means to the Healthcare Textile Rental Indusry 1 MB 2 downloads

Textile Rental Magazine, March 2005 By Nathan L. Belkin, Ph.D. Customer-savvy textile...

Reusable Barrier Fabrics - User Needs Drive Development Efforts 2 MB 5 downloads

Textile Rental Magazine, March 2005 By Brad Bushman Understanding the role of barrier...

Homogeneity of Single-Use and Reusable Surgical Textiles 5 MB 1 downloads

NOWHERE Marketing Communications, September 2003 By Christiaan Meijer Comparison...

Reusable Surgical Textile Products Offer Cost, Environmental Benefits 2 MB 4 downloads

Medical and Hygiene Report, March 2003 By Howard M. Zins Evaluation of benefits offered...