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But Will It Come Out in the Wash? 10 MB 2 downloads

Textile Rental Magazine, October 2002 By Nathan L. Belkin, Ph.D. The rising incidence...

Barrier Surgical Gowns and Drapes: Just How Necessary Are They? 9 MB 3 downloads

Textile Rental Magazine, July 2002 By Nathan L. Belkin, Ph.D. 50 years after the...

Gowns and Drapes for the "Level of Exposure Anticipated" 12 MB 2 downloads

Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons, May 2002 By Nathan L. Belkin, Ph.D. ...

Crisis In U.S. Textiles 41 MB 2 downloads

ATMI Supplement to Textile Industries, August 2001 By the Office of the Chief Economist...

The Role of Surgical Gowns, Drapes and Mask in the Generation of Airborne Particulates 445 KB 0 downloads

AORN Journal, By Nathan L. Belkin, Ph.D. ...

Protective Apparel: Disposable vs. Reusable 1 MB 8 downloads

Infection Control Today, March 2000 By Nathan L. Belkin, Ph.D. Five areas of consideration...

Reusable Textiles: A Single Solution To Healthcare's Multiple Woes 13 MB 2 downloads

Magazine, February 1996 By Howard M. Zins Economic, environmental advantages give...