Marketing & Education Tools

ARTA sales and marketing tools will help educate your customers on the superiority of reusable textile products! 

The Industry Approach to “Forever Chemicals”

The issue of Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) is one of the most important regulatory issues facing the linen, uniform and facility services. Learn more about our position on how to deal with this environmental challenge.

Need to Bone up on PFAs?

The PFAs planning toolkit will tell you everything you need to know about the issue.

“The Math Is Simple” Graphics 

These graphic photos illustrate how reusable surgical and isolation gowns reduce the waste and the attendant costs when compared with disposable options. This data was generated from two life cycle analyses overseen by the ARTA LCA Committee.

The takeaway? One reusable gown can be washed and reused as many as 60 times or more, which drastically reduces waste.  And a well-managed reusable hospital gown program is much more cost-effective than buying reusables. The ARTA-IAHTM Surgical Gown Life Cycle Assessment also confirms that reusable surgical and isolation gowns are THE most sustainable option versus disposable counterparts. Login as a member to download these graphics. 

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Tips on Tackling the Challenge of Linen Losses and Posters

ARTA has developed a series of posters and tip sheets designed to help your clients reduce the losses associated with healthcare linen waste, including unnecessary red bag waste

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ARTA Green Sheets Help You Sell the Benefits of Reusable Textiles 

ARTA has developed a series of four-color sales sheets that outline the benefits of reusable hospital products and a fact sheet on reusable textiles. Providers of disposable healthcare items make claims that are often unsubstantiated by research. Our fact sheet cites the research supporting the facts on reusable products.



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Oldies but Goodies! ARTA Videos Make the Case for Reusable Textiles in Both Acute Care and Long Term Care Settings

ARTA developed and produced two videos that help make the case for reusable hospital gowns and other medical textiles versus disposables in Long Term and Acute Care healthcare environments. These videos offer valuable training messages for your and your client’s staff.

ARTA Reusable Textiles in Acute Care Video

Watch ARTA’s Acute Care Video

ARTA Reusable Textiles in Long-term Care Video

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