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NEW INFOGRAPHICS! ARTA life cycle studies prove that reusable textiles are THE environmentally sustainable choice.

Download these infographics and LCAs to educate your customers on the superiority of reusable textile products!

Hospitals scrambling to buy reusable PPE can rest assured a permanent switch to cloth protective attire not only ensures adequate supply, but it is also better for the environment. The American Reusable Textile Association (ARTA)  has published several life cycle assessments (LCAs) that compare the environmental impact of reusable textile products to their single-use, disposable counterparts — from cradle to grave (securing raw materials required to manufacture the product to the final disposition of the item, i.e., recycled or landfilled). In each of these peer-reviewed studies, the reusable (cloth) product was found less harmful to the environment.

The life cycle assessment research was spearheaded by ARTA, supported by the ARTA LCA Committee and The International Association for Healthcare Textile Management (IAHTM), and was conducted by Environmental Clarity, LLC. 

LCA Downloads

“The Math Is Simple” graphics — download and use in your marketing materials.

ARTA is offering these graphic photos to the public. The photos illustrate how reusable surgical and isolation gowns reduce waste and the costs associated with the waste (versus disposable options). This data was generated from two life cycle analyses (LCAs) overseen by the ARTA LCA Committee.

 The takeaway? One reusable gown can be washed and reused as many as 60 times or more, which drastically reduces waste costs. And, a well managed reusable program is also much more cost-effective than buying reusables. The ARTA-IAHTM Surgical Gown Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) also confirms that reusable surgical and isolation gowns are THE most sustainable option versus disposable counterparts. Check out our Virtual Library for more information on our LCAs.

 Tips on Tackling the Challenge of Linen Losses; Posters

 ARTA has developed a series of client posters and a tip sheet designed to help you reduce losses and abuse of healthcare linen. NO CHARGE for members (log in to view)For a limited time, no charge to the general public.   




Oldies, but Goodies — ARTA’s videos make the case for reusable textiles in Long Term Care and Acute Care settings.
ARTA developed and produced two videos that help make the case for reusables versus disposables in Long Term and Acute Care healthcare environments. While these videos are over a decade old, they still offer valuable training messages for your staff or your client’s staff.

 The FACTS About Reusable Medical Textiles 

Providers of disposable healthcare items make various claims that are typically unsubstantiated by research. This document states the facts on reusable textiles with supporting research to back the claims. Consider using this information to help educate your clients and increase their use of reusable medical textiles.


ARTA Green Sheets Help You Sell the Benefits of Reusable Textiles

ARTA has developed a series of four-color sales sheets that outline the benefits of reusable isolation gowns, surgical gowns and incontinence products. Members may purchase these items at a reduced price (login to view)

To review these sales sheets, you can download a low-res pdf below:

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