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Our Speakers Series presentation on Lessons from Covid-19 – How to Win and Maintain Conversions has been rescheduled to Jan. 12. 


ARTA’s Virtual Speakers Series,  presents a group of world-class industry experts who will help your organization better understand how to navigate the new landscape, maintain your clients and convert new ones. 


The cost for this four-part series is $100 for ARTA member companies (all employees of a member company may attend). The non-member cost is $250.  Registration is open.  Speakers and dates are subject to change. 


Each Speakers Series Session is held on Wednesday at Noon Central/1 p.m. Eastern/10 a.m. Pacific.    




September 22





The State of Textiles 2021
A review of today’s global textile supply chain and trends, challenges and opportunities. 

For more than a century, George Courey Inc. (GCI) has been a leading player in the North American linen wholesale market, primarily serving the hospitality and healthcare industries. One of Canada’s largest importers of institutional linens and a manufacturer of healthcare products, GCI has never been tested as it was in 2020. Join ARTA Board Member Jeff Courey for this informative presentation. 

Speaker: Jeff Courey, President and CEO George Courey Inc. Montreal, Canada

October 27


 How to Use Data from ARTA’s Incontinence Pad LCA Study to Sell (Note: the date for this session changed to Oct. 27)

Tune in to this session and learn how to use ARTA’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data on incontinence pads to increase sales.  Participants will also receive marketing materials including infographics and talking points.

Presenting the study is Michael Overcash, PhD., co-founder of Environmental Clarity, a firm at the forefront of several important research and development fields related to environment, manufacturing, and systems analysis. Environmental Clarity has conducted LCAs on incontinent pads, isolation, gowns, surgical gowns, surgical drapes, and cleanroom coveralls. ARTA President Gabriel Boardman will lead a discussion on how to use the data to sell.


Speaker: Michael Overcash, PhD., of Environmental Clarity

December 8


How Practice Greenhealth’s 1,300 Member Hospitals Position Reusable Textiles

Practice Greenhealth is the leading membership and networking organization for sustainable healthcare, delivering environmental solutions to 1,300 hospitals and healthcare systems across the United States. Learn how these hospitals are positioning reusables in the pandemic and with respect to infection control. Moyle specializes in clinician engagement.


Speaker: Julie Moyle, Director of Practice Greenhealth’s Greening the OR

January 12


Lessons from Covid-19 – How to Win and Maintain Conversions

With the pandemic, many operators saw growth in reusable isolation gown and surgical gown business segments. Learn how to win and keep this business from a panel of operators and suppliers.

Our panel includes: operators Bryan Bartsch, President of EcoTex Linen Service, U.S. and Canada; Bill Moyer, Vice President Marketing Services of Hospital Central Services Cooperative, Allentown, Pennsylvania; Karl Fillip, Sr., CEO/President of NOVO Health Services, Atlanta, Georgia. Suppliers include: Shelley Petrovskis, Director of Marketing of Lac-Mac Limited, London, Ontario; and Duane Houvener, ADI Manager of American Dawn, Nashville, Tennessee.

Moderator: ARTA President Gabriel Boardman will moderate this session.

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