Why Join

ARTA provides an effective voice in promoting user- and environment-friendly solutions to the industry’s need for textile products.

ARTA’S mission—To create greater appreciation and demand for reusable textiles —is not undertaken in a vacuum. Its impetus comes from an adversary with strong financial capability but weak logic in a waste-burdened society. Disposable products may seem convenient to use, but their impact on the environment poses increasingly threatening problems.
Therefore, ARTA has embarked on a program to:

  • HELP its member makers of reusable textile products achieve an equal footing with disposable products as regulated by the Medicare Program and the Medical Device Act. Objective achieved.
  • PREVENT disposables from slipping past Federal Drug Administration performance standards. Objective achieved.
  • OFFER an education program through seminars, publications and trade shows to facilitate ideas and promote the exchange of ideas beneficial to the industry. Objective ongoing.
  • SCHEDULE meetings with government officials concerning issues of interest to members. Objective ongoing.

ARTA’s goal is to provide resources and tools that help you sell and market reusable textiles. To that end, each year we develop at least one tool or marketing resource available at no charge to you — our member.

Membership Is My Choice

This significant network of like-minded professionals and their organizations empowers ARTA to build and maintain a critical knowledge base for industry growth opportunities.