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Choose Reusable Textiles Because the Future Is NOT Disposable!

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Our Mission

  • Promote greater appreciation and demand for
    reusable textiles 
  • Advocate for the textile service industry
  • Educate members to improve and grow their operations
  • Monitor legislative and regulatory initiatives

Our members represent all facets of the industry: manufacturers and suppliers of textiles, machinery and chemicals, associations, and the operators who clean and deliver clean napkins, linen, sheets, towels, blankets, scrubs, incontinence products, gowns and uniforms to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, clinics and businesses.

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What’s New 

 Make the case for reusable textiles: Read the latest ARTA news on industry events, best practices, and research that promotes reusables versus disposables.

ARTA Infographics Explains the Importance of LCAs

ARTA life cycle studies prove that reusable textiles are THE environmentally sustainable choice. Download and share ARTA’s published LCAs and …

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Suppliers and Operators Mobilize to Meet Increased Demand

President’s Message

The last year revealed the acute vulnerability of our healthcare system and its reliance on disposable PPE. Hospitals with washable PPE programs did not suffer serious shortages — soiled PPE is washed overnight and delivered back to the hospital the next morning for use again. Many healthcare organizations made the switch to washable PPE last year and now reap the benefits of improved quality, comfort, and sustainability credits, as well as the significant reduction in waste costs.

 The challenge ahead is to maintain client satisfaction with washable PPE and other textile products. Some clients who converted to reusables are under pressure to switch back to single-use, disposable PPE. If you or your clients are encountering such pressure, check out the ARTA library and resources that offer data and information on why washable textile products are superior to disposable items — Because the Future Is NOT Disposable!

Gabriel Boardman
ARTA President




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Our Speakers Series presentation on Lessons from Covid-19 – How to Win and Maintain Conversions has been rescheduled to Jan. 12. 


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